If it's about VoIP, SIP or Internet Telephony but it doesn't seem to fit anywhere else, post it here.
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By WelshPaul
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It was back in 2006 for me also that I used VoIP for the first time. I was looking to cut my land line costs and came across Voipfone and just like Steve I got hooked on the idea. Unlike Steve I am just a Home/SOHO user, never setup my own VoIP info structure or anything.
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By CJT-80
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I have been interested in using VoIP for sometime, but never needed to, in all honesty I wish when I had moved to my present flat and taken out Virgin Media Broadband that I had done so without the landline and just taken out a VoIP line. For the amount I use the phone it makes more sense and it's cheaper!

Having found this forum, it is my intention to learn more about VoIP :-)
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By keymaster
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Hi Guys,
well I started trying to add a new line for business from home and take advantage of geographical number from other area. Started with Sipgate and Voipfone, was with voiptalk and connexin, tried to do my own PBX and used various linux systems but failed but had fun.
Nowadays not got so much time to mess around but still have my voip on desk but these days with Vonage.
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By wahmed
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I was first introduced to VoIP in about 2006 when we loaded it on our computer to call home and talk to family abroad. I began using it properly when u got engaged as my now husband lived in a different country. I still use it to contact him while he's abroad studying and call my parents

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