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By WelshPaul
That is pretty poor show of Talk Talk to leave their customers high and dry like that considering it was a third party contractor which had legitimate access to its customer accounts was involved in the data breach last year. :thumbsdown:
By pwarbi
Talk talk seems to take a lot of stick, articles like that don't help, but I have to say since I switched to them I've never had any trouble with them whatsoever. The line and speed as always been fine, its competitively priced and any time I have a any problem's or queries they've sorted it out straight away.
No, I don't work for them by the way!

Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones?
By pwarbi
I havent been with talk talk from the start, but I believe back that it definitely was one of the worst run companies people had the misfortune to use. Since then, since I've been using them they seemed to have done a lot to repair that reputation but I think unfortunately its going to take an almighty effort to shake off what they became known for...poor connection, poor service and worst off in some peoples eyes, offensive and rude customer service representatives.

Stories like the one above don't help either. If that had been another company it probably wouldn't have received as much attention as it has.
By Rubik1
This is insane, can't believe that they wouldn't report that this has happened, obviously it'd be bad for business but think how much money people could lose due to this and if the banks are refusing to give people compensation then Talk Talk should have to.
By pwarbi
When things like this happen, companies know better these days than to try and cover it up. People always find out eventually and then it looks even worse.

Being open and admitting mistakes and security breaches is the only way for a company to keep some sort of reputation intact. While it sounds bad, at least people can see they have taken action and tried to find a solution.
By Devonne
It seems like this company didn't/.doesn't value their customers. I don't know much about them, though I have heard of their company. Have they apologized and are they doing anything to make things right? Or have they just left everyone high and dry? What company would you suggest for service instead?


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