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By chelsknits
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I noticed the special offer on the main forum and was wondering if someone could tell me more about what the offer is actually for. I'm unfamiliar with the company so I was hoping to get a bit more info about it before I go and sign up for the trial. Also, another big question - after the free trial, how much does it cost?
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By WelshPaul
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The offer allows you to try the many different features offered by Voipfone for free, no catch and without any commitment. You can play with their telephone numbers, call barring, PBX extensions and even the Interactive Voice Response system if you like.

If all your interested in having is a local inbound telephone number so people can call you over VoIP just like your normal landline then after the trial all it will cost you is £2+VAT per month. You can cancel anytime, no contracts and any outbound calls you make are billed by the second. You top up your calling credit so no worry about any heavy bills.

You even get 5 free minutes of calling credit allowing you to test the call quality. :thumbsup:
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By GoofyCyborg
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The way VoIP works is like this:

Your corded telephone > VoIP adaptor > your internet connection > Voipfone > PSTN exchange > person you're calling

To be able to have the person call you back you need a phone number, just like a regular telephone line in your city or town. Voipfone can supply one at a cost of £2 a month. Incoming calls go like this:

Person dialling your phone number > PSTN exchange > Voipfone > Your internet connection > VoIP adaptor > your corded telephone adaptor

VoIP can also provide you with additional features like you get when you call your cable company, press 1 for sales, 2 for billing and the like. VoIP can be as simple as providing a second phone line in your bedroom to running a call center! :)

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