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By CJT-80
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imperivm1 wrote:What do you think the upper bound for the speed of an Internet connection is going to be? Do you believe that technology will continue to improve indefinitely or is there going to be a point in time when the limit will be reached and everything will come to a halt?
How do you mean..... the maximum download speed or are we talking upload?
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By pwarbi
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I don't think there will ever be a limit. Technology is increasing at such a rate now its very hard for the software to keep up with the hardware capabilities as it is so I guess while there won't be a limit as such, I think there's only so far you could go in reality.
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By talk2me
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I think internet itself will be replaced by something else through nano technology. Do you know that through this technology we are now able to charge a mobile phone in seconds which was supposed to be half an hour to one hour earlier. So in technology anything can happen beyond our imagination. :)

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