If it's about VoIP, SIP or Internet Telephony but it doesn't seem to fit anywhere else, post it here.
By pwarbi
I would think that VOIP is used alongside landlines at the moment, especially in private household's, but with the increase in technology and the popularity of VOIP increasing how long do we think it will be before it replaces standard landlines altogether?
I think we might still be a long way off that get but I'm certain that one day VOIP will be the standard in every home.
By gsmlnx
In the UK, most houses need to have a telephone line to have internet so if you are paying for it why not use it. Also some fttc/phone package deals make the landline use cheaper than VOIP.

I've found that most people are interested in the cost and quality of phone calls than the technology. Here on this forum it is the technology which drives most of our interests. And if you save money, all the better.

However I'm a no landline household and that was driven largely by cost. But technology is how I earn a crust so I'm not afraid of VOIP/routers/networks and debugging issues that have arisen. I doubt my next door neighbours would go this route though as it is not seen as easy.

When you can routinely get bare fttc at a sensible price then people may move away to VOIP if it makes financial sense and the technology is easy to use.
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