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By Rcdpink
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There are a few voice over Internet Protocol services out there that offer their services for free and I frankly think that if they're re for free then I should make Grand use of them. What I like about voice over Internet Protocol services offered for free is that I'm able to communicate with persons overseas, specifically in North America without getting charged. You see, I live in the Caribbean and so if I should use any of the network providers here to call over someone in the US its going to dig a massive hole into my pocket. So is the way to go for me.
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By pwarbi
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I think eventually VOIP will start to be the main service that businesses use, as for using it in the home, while it is slowly creeping in, I think it's still a long time off yet before it becomes popular.

While the pro list is longer than the cons, people still don't know enough about it to consider switching from the more traditional ways just yet.

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