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By worldmachine
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I have only just found out about this and am about to install it, the service is included on version 2.12.19 of whatsapp. I understand the service uses your data plan so technically it is not free, it uses around 0.20 MB of 3G data per minute.

The call quality is decent enough on 3G apparently but on 2G there is a considerable amount of lag. Some people have said there is a lot of echo during the phone calls and it becomes irritating after a couple of minutes. I will give it a try and find out.
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By WelshPaul
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Is this an android only feature? Feature isn't present on my iPhone 6 app.
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By pwarbi
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If I'm honest, I hadn't even noticed the calls feature until I read this and had a look! I'm on an android phone though, I couldn't say it's on the iPhone because I genuinely don't knowbody who's got an iPhone. I'd imagine it would be a feature on both platforms though?
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By pwarbi
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Any updates on how good this service is? I've still not used it yet!

As for it only being available on android and not iOS I'm not too sure to be honest? I'd imagine that it would be available at some point across all the platforms, depending how good it is of course.
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By nytegeek
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It is similar in function as other VoIP apps. Skype and Viber are a couple examples. The voice calling feature in the app isn't anything special. It is kind of a redundant service to be honest. I can't see any real advantage especially if you use your data instead of WiFi.
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By sheggy6
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I tried it out and honestly, it did not impress me all that much. Skype had a better quality as a whole in my experience and having my father attempt to contact me through calls on Whatsapp was an absolute disaster (shouting in a subway just to have someone hear you, and then having them shout back at you is not a gratifying experience let me tell you.)

I'm just going to stick to text over Whatsapp. And if I'm really forced to use a VoIP on a phone, Skype.

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