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By Theo
Hi all,

I am new to this forum so will apologise upfront if i am breaking any rules with my post (i have read through most of the do's & dont's)

We have a few DID (virtual numbers) registered with a Voip provider and all works well in the office on our Cisco handsets. however we are now looking to purchase "dedicated" wireless Wi-Fi Voip / Sip phones that we can use as "mobile" phones to connect on "various" Wi-Fi networks (depending on where our staff find themselves for the day) E.G, hotels, moving around the country and when going abroad. I have a few questions for the guru's on the forum (if i may ask)...

1) What "exactly" would these type of handsets be called / referred to by it's industry name
2) What models would you recommend (preferably brands with a good track record such as Cisco etc)

PS! we looking for a proper "Mobile" Wi-Fi handset solution not a "DECT" phone, and also are not keen on using the "Softphone" mobile app softwares as a solution as we have tried them and were not to happy with the result.

Thanking you in advance,

Regards, Theo
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By WelshPaul
Hi Theo,

Are you looking for a handset that also works as a cell phone? If not then a Wireless IP Phone is what your looking for.

Something like this: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/c ... 04890.html

Are you currently using the SIP protocol? You mentioned Cisco in your OP... Cisco provide phones for use with the SIP protocol and SCCP Unified.

Wireless IP phones are not "cheap" by any means: http://www.voipon.co.uk/polycom-spectra ... 6_231.html
By Theo
Hi Paul, thanks for your fast response ..... we using SIP accounts and have in the meantime found out that none of Cisco's products can do what we need, we have already tried the 7925g but this sort of handset will not work outside a network that is not Cisco "hardware based"

It appears what we need is a Wireless Wi-Fi Phone (that can handle multiple sip accounts) i have had a look at the Unidata 1000 which seems to be what we need but this can only have one SIP account configured on it ..... the search continues, but thanks for the advice in the meantime.

Regards, Theo
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By WelshPaul
The Polycom SpectraLink 8440 as shown in the video below allows for "Up to 6 telephone line appearances". Doesn't state how many VoIP/SIP accounts the device holds so maybe worth looking into. :)

Oh... The Cisco 7925G will work with FreePBX / Asterisk but requires some tweaking, I would stick with finding a SIP based wireless IP phone though.

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