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By WelshPaul
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Below is a list of UK-based VoIP providers (listed in no particular order) that offer residential packages, display their prices online and offer a quick and simple online registration process via their website. Know of any more? Post below and I will add them to list.
  1. Voipfone
    Voipfone is a great way of keeping in touch with family members and friends because it is FREE, no matter where they are in the world.
  2. VoIPtalk
    Take control of your telephony service with VoIPtalk's Business Multi Plan. VoIPtalk Business Multi Plan is ideal for businesses who want to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP for all their calls.
  3. Vonage
    Get unlimited calls to Friends and Family in the UK and around the world at a great low price with Vonage UK.
  4. Sipgate
    The perfect landline replacement: With sipgate basic you get a free local phone number from your area code. You can also bring your current phone number with you.
  5. Tel2
    Offer a host of services including call recording, web and video conferencing and collaboration services, faxmail (+ T.38 passthru), locate me, Smartphone and Desktop Apps and more. Suitable for all users from residential, business through to large call centres.
  6. Net Telco
    Net Telco offers UK and international telephone numbers and call handling services that you can manage and configure on-line through a simple to use Web interface.
  7. Localphone
    Localphone have slashed the cost of international calling! Each contact gets their own local number - no contracts, no hidden charges, and no monthly fees!
  8. Port 5060 Ltd.
    VoIP telephony services for all. Feature filled control panel, self service and advanced features mean complete control over your VoIP service.
  9. Andrews & Arnold (AAISP)
    We have numbers available in all UK area codes from as little as £1.20 per month with no minimum term.
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By gsmlnx
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No hidden costs, I use localphone.com for all my outgoing mobile phone calls from my VOIP system and just pay the rate they quote on their webpages. Also with localphone, you can credit it by £1 so it is cheap to try out. The most you can lose is £1.
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By Miguel YaY
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Hello Everybody,

Yay.com is a viable solution for residential VOIP users, even though our features are targeted more towards businesses nothing is stopping a residential user from subscribing to our plans.

We actually have quite a lot of residential users that are using our services, and we treat the big customers and small customers all with the same care and attention!

Have a look at our plans here https://www.yay.com/voice/


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By Vivacom
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Hello Everyone,

Viva Communications is a VoIP services provider with extremely competitive rates and an excellent service. All customers have access to a dedicated account manager and we have various plans including custom plans, no contract plans and plans with free VoIP phones .

Check our regular plans at

or contact us at 020 3500 2076 for a customised plan.

Let us help you get connected.
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