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By Yosh
Eh, skype could be a lot better in my opinion. It's always had this horrible problem of not sending messages if the other person is offline. That and I've always found it to unnecessarily hog as much computer resources as possible (though still not as bad as google chrome :P ). I like using google hangouts as an alternative.
By pwarbi
I've been using the Skype service for quite some time now and I have to admit that I've never had any issues with it. For me it's always been pretty reliable. I know that on another thread on here people have said about how the service drops calls etc but I've not experienced anything like that.
By danschaefer1226
Though I love Skype, as it allows me to connect with and see my friends from all over the world, I find it can be very glitchy; however, Skype's 'glitches' has a view variables that don't always seem to relate to the service directly. My internet connection is very good, but if I am speaking with someone with just slightly slower internet, then it glitches. Furthermore, I find that on my computer, if I am on Skype, I can only use Skype—if I try to use other applications, the image glitches and delays like crazy. This indicates that it is a computer problem on my end. However, I do enjoy Skype and use it quite a bit.
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By kylerlittle
pwarbi wrote:I think that's the thing that a lot of people forget when it comes to any type of communication apps and software, you might have the best internet in the world, but if the person your interacting with is on a poorer setup then your going to experience some issues.
That's what I always think about. You know on Skype it would say connection is bad, how can we know whether it's on our part or their part?
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By John Donovan
I'm fairly satisfied, yes. But I still feel that it's missing something that I can't quite put my finger on... I don't know why, maybe because some people on this forum said that Skype isn't that good and that may have had an influence on me, but until now I thought Skype was perfect. Now, I can't help but notice every crash (which happens very, very rarely) or every disconnection and feel that I'm missing out on something better.
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By pwarbi
To be honest I'm quite surprised that Skype is still as popular as it is, considering the length of time it's been around. I'd have expected other platforms to have at least challenge it, but while they have made some inroads, I think Skype is still probably the most popular service around today.

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