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By John Donovan
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Alright, after much debating, I've finally decided to switch from Skype, and I've managed to convince one of my friends (it's a start) to switch with me. However, it seems that this particular friend has a certain microphone problem. His microphone doesn't work on Steam Voice Chat or Ventrilo - it only works with Skype. Now, granted, we haven't tried other programs, but we find it really strange that it works flawlessly with Skype, but it won't work with other programs.

Could anyone please give us some advice on how to fix this? Also, what could be causing this?
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By WelshPaul
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Why would you move from Skype to Steam chat?

Only Gamers tend to have a steam account.

As for your microphone well the only reason why it wouldn't work is if it was incorrectly setup or not configured within steam.

Your microphone is obviously setup and installed correctly on your PC otherwise it wouldn't work at all...

Login to steam > click on steam located in the top left corner > Settings > in the left hand pane select Voice > Detect Audio Devices

You can also test the microphone here also - Make sure that "Automatically transmit my voice whenever i speak" is selected.

Save those changes. :)
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By John Donovan
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Well, given that all my friends and I are PC gamers, we tend to use a Steam account. We didn't switch to Steam voice chat, but from it to Skype. I just happened to remember that this happened on Steam too. Also, he managed to fix his problem. It happened because he was stupid and forgot to configure his microphone. :p

Thanks a lot for the help!

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