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By pwarbi
Yosh wrote:It's not meant for a video call. It's main purpose is so that people can talk and communicate while gaming. I see absolutely no need for someone to also require a video call when they're playing games!
I agree with you, that's what I meant when I said it won't be a big issue for people.

As long as the service provides a reliable platform to communicate with others and by the sounds of it from what people have said it does, then that's going to be all people are bothered about.


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By bluegreen
i know that service! I've started a Team on a game called DOTA 2 and we bought a channel for half a year I think (it was not me who did that) and we are very satisfied with the service! It doesnt consume much RAM (other programs consume more RAM than they shoudl) and it has very good security. After all you pay to have channel so its worth all the cents you spend! :-D
By kylerlittle
Yosh wrote:
nytegeek wrote:Teamspeak is used more often than not as an alternative to VNC. It can be useful for providing technical support as well.
I've never heard of it being used like this! I suppose it makes sense though!
That's certainly weird to me as well. I think it could but it wouldn't be as proficient as Skype.
By bluegreen
kylerlittle wrote:
Yosh wrote:Yeah, it's massively used for MMORPG games. The most experience I've had with it was through competitive games of Team Fortress 2.
MMORPG gamers love Teamspeak, I personally prefer Skype, it's much more user-friendly.
Well, not only with MMORPG xD I think all gamers love teamspeak, it is the most known source of voiping for gamers :nerd: I played DOTA 2 (not MMORPG), Call of Duty and FIFA, I gota tell you that 99% of players in these 3 games used teamspeak to comunicate with the team :P this service is one of the best, you pay for it and the developers deliver a great job :D


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