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By PatrickC87
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Long story short, I'm looking to start a company and am in need of a VoIP set-up (as I've heard it can reduce costs and other good things). I've been looking at a small company in Birmingham (where I live) and they seem to be promising. They're called AlphaTALK if anyone's heard of them? Anyway, has anyone had any sort of personal experience with them and if so was it good/bad? Also, any other recommendations for a small business?
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By WelshPaul
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Hi Patrick,

Never heard of them before, their local area numbers are very limited. I can't seem to find any detailed information on their VoIP phone packages and they are charging £7+VAT a month for a single user account (ouch), neither are they a member of ITSPA.

I can't find any detailed billing information regarding their per minute call rates either? I wouldn't use them for my business myself.
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By WelshPaul
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Look for a VoIP provider that is a registered member of ITSPA - http://www.itspa.org.uk/


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