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By fatema
All I use is Oovoo! It's such a great app! I think everyone should start using it. I always oovoo my friend because we live so far from each other. It's fast, doesn't lag, you can 3 way with people. I have the app on my phone and laptop! My parents don't like it very much. They always just use Skype instead, but you know everyone has their own opinion. I will one day, somehow, get this app more popular than it is. I want this app to get more downloads. That's how much I love it. I'm also very confident that a lot of people will like it as well!


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By fatema
nytegeek wrote:I use Teamspeak or Skype dependent upon the situation and who I'm communicating with. Teamspeak is good for gaming and it is good for providing remote technical support as well. I initially only ever installed Skype because it was required for some job interviews. I also have some family in other states that use Skype to communicate.
That's nice! I never really heard of a job interview on Skype? Sounds very interesting. You should try using Oovoo! It's one of the best video chatting networks out there! Search it on you computer, laptop, or even your smartphone., You can't lose anything by searching it up. It will kind of make me happy as well. I'm trying to get more people to use Oovoo. There's a good amount of people who use it, but I want more! I want it to get more known. It's really good!
By fatema
serbog wrote:I use skype the most because all my friends are there. Also sometimes I like to use Raid Call because it has a free server host unlike TS3 ( Team Speak 3). But that is just my opinion. Some will say that Skype uses more ram than TS but I don't mind about that.
I agree, I think Skype uses a lot of RAM to be honest. I haven't really done my research though. You can just tell though am I right. Oovoo on the other hand, I have searched up. It doesn't use to much ram, and you can 3 way without paying or trouble. Some people said they had to paid to three way on Skype. Some just said it sucked. Skype is a nice app, I'm not going to lie. It's been around for so long. I just feel like there's better out there.
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bluegreen wrote:I'm using TeamSpeak since 2011/2012 when I started online gaming (sometimes I use steam call, but if only one of the guys doesn't have TS installed). I use it because it eats very little RAM, it's user friendly and it's very simple :-D
I use Skype because it is easy to understand , and it is very cheap. To me Skype is the most popular. I have never heard of Team Speak. Is it cheap and easy to use?


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