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Sipgate uk basic have simplified their web user portal so the current feature set is rather crippled. :(
No Contacts List so friends dont show in Calls listing. No way to download call history (inadequate evidence therefore of harrassment calls). They seem to be promising unspecified future features? However meanwhile they have broken what worked fine on PC - to simplify and lean towards mobile users. Overall not good. :(
I hate this "import your contacts from Google" rubbish! Not everyone uses Google!!! (Obihai are the same)

I do like the new look, it does however live up to the "Basic" in Sipgate Basic. Remember though, we are after all lucky to still have the service. :)

Thing is with sipgate, you either get very little "although for free" or they charge the earth for their "Business" package. Let's face it - the reason why most people use them is simply down to the fact they give us a free local number, great if you want a line primarily for incoming calls! Even if you make the odd few calls here and there, there is such a low mark up on calls I'm surprised their still trading.

I guess they created the basic plan in the hope users would try them out and move on to their "Business" plan, even if they did scrap their "Basic" plan I wouldn't even consider their "Business" plan personally! £14.95* + VAT for 3 users? You're having a laugh! Voicehost, Voipfone etc.. give you the same thing from £3 a month.

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