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By SteveAtVoIP2Go
Work out how many minutes on average per month you use and decide whether you'd be best suited to a monthly plan or pay as you go plan. Think about how you will pay for calls (UK providers might require the use of a UK bank account or credit card) and then search for a VoIP provider in the country where you have a bank account. Go to a few VoIP provider web sites, check their rates for the countries that you call the most and then get back if you have further questions.
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By pwarbi
Being as your in Kenya, I think it's a pretty hard question for anybody who isn't, to answer. I'd imagine you'd only have a limited amount of providers to choose from and without knowing who they are, I for one can't really give any advice.

General advice would be to use a PAYG plan and see just how much that costs you over say one month, and then compare that to existing pay monthly plans and see if there's any savings over the same period of time.
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By John Donovan
Now, I don't know if this would truly work, but would it be possible for him to use a VPN and use a plan from another country? I don't know about the legal issues, I'm wondering about the functional ones.
By JH1818
3 things needed, good connection, payment method accepted, legal no issues.

I for instance use freevoipdeal.com, in Switserland, good rates, connected in a lot of countries in the world.
a lot of credit cards allowed, also other payment methods like paypal, bitcoins etc.

And (I think) no legal issues in Switserland, maybe from your own country ???? I don't know.
By pwarbi
I guess as long as there's no problem with the payment I'm guessing it's possible to use a provider from outside Kenya. To be honest though, I'd Kenya have a VOIP provider anyway, and I'm not sure they do, wouldn't they be cheaper anyway than using one based somewhere else?


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