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By WelshPaul
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Below is a list of UK-based VoIP providers (listed in no particular order) that offer business packages, display their prices online and offer a quick and simple online registration process via their website. Know of any more? Post below and I will add them to list.
  1. Voipfone
    UK VoIP Provider Voipfone provides award winning, reliable and inexpensive VoIP telephone calls and advanced cloud based hosted PBX services to business.
  2. Gradwell
    With out-of-the-box setup and support from our specialist UK-based team, we’ll have you up and running in no time.
  3. VoiceHost
    VoiceHost is an ISP and offers SIP QoS over our broadband network and our cloud platform is a trusted alternative to a Traditional PBXs.
  4. VoIPtalk
    Take control of your telephony service with VoIPtalk's Business Multi Plan. VoIPtalk Business Multi Plan is ideal for businesses who want to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP for all their calls.
  5. Vonage
    Vonage offers powerful features that deliver value by giving you the right balance of flexibility and control, so you can work smarter, collaborate easier and take care of business on the go.
  6. sipgate team
    VoIP Provider sipgate provides reliable PBX phone services and great value telephone calls for business
  7. sipgate trunking
    sipgate trunking combines premium voice quality and service availability, monthly contracts and no setup fees.
  8. Soho66
    Provider of VoIP phones, virtual receptionist, fax over email, virtual PBX, teleconferencing and business email hosting
  9. Orbtalk
    VoIP service provider, specialising in SIP trunk and hosted PBX solutions.
  10. Yay.com
    We are an innovative VoIP provider, managing millions of phone numbers, delivered across SIP trunks, via our hosted VoIP service or smart call forwarding.
  11. Port 5060
    VoIP telephony services for all. Feature filled control panel, self service and advanced features mean complete control over your VoIP service.
  12. CircleLoop
    High Quality & Reliable Business Phone System In The Cloud With Unlimited UK Calls & User Friendly Features. No Contract. No Line Rental. Simple Desktop & Mobile Apps.
  13. VoIPLine Telecom
    United Kingdom's #1 Business VoIP service provider offering Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, 0800 Numbers and more. Start your 14-Day Free Trial Now!
  14. byphone
    Easy to use VoIP phone system. Unlimited VoIP calls from £3 per month. Flexible, affordable cloud based hosted phone system to help improve communications
  15. RingCentral
    Get a reliable and feature-rich phone system for small business, without the high price tag. See how RingCentral can bring value to your business today.
  16. Andrews & Arnold (AAISP)
    We have numbers available in all UK area codes as well as 03, 05 and 0800 from as little as £1.20 per month with no minimum term.
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By astraqomuk
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I would like to introduce to you AstraQom UK. AstraQom UK is a subsidiary of AstraQom International, a Global VoIP Telecom Provider offering services like Hosted and Hybrid PBX, Virtual Receptionist, E-Fax, E-SMS, Virtual Numbers and more.

Main webpage - http://astraqom.co.uk/
Hosted PBX - http://astraqom.co.uk/business-voip/hosted-pbx-uk/ - starting at £9.99/user/month
Hybrid PBX - http://astraqom.co.uk/business-voip/hos ... utions-uk/ - from £29.99/month
Virtual Telephone Numbers - http://astraqom.co.uk/business-voip/voi ... e-numbers/ - from £3.00/month
Virtual Receptionist - http://astraqom.co.uk/business-voip/vir ... eptionist/ - from £14.99/month
SIP Trunking - http://astraqom.co.uk/enterprise-voip/s ... lution-uk/ - from £6.99/month (numbers included per channel)
A-Z Termination - http://astraqom.co.uk/enterprise-voip/a ... minations/

We now have available 30-Day Free Trials available for all new customers (applies to Hosted PBX and Hybrid PBX)

We are looking to be more than a service provider for our customers. We truly want to be your telecom business partner so with that in mind we will help you in any aspects that we can from customer communications to marketing and collections.

Contact us at any time for your free quote: http://astraqom.co.uk/about-us/contact-us/
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By WillLin
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I'd also recommend looking at Gamma's Horizon product: https://www.gamma.co.uk

That's what we sell and can only say good things. As a service provider, it's nice to have a product that very rarely fails.

 Message from admin WelshPaul

Updated link on 15/2/1020 as the original link navigated to a 404 page.

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By sipgateUK
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In addition to sipgate team (https://www.live.sipgate.co.uk/team), our hosted PBX, we now also offer a SIP Trunking service in the UK: sipgate trunking (https://www.sipgate.co.uk/trunking/).

As with all of our business services, you can try out sipgate trunking for free, plus we include some phone numbers and UK landline and mobile minutes in the first 30 days.

- Matt from sipgate UK
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