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By nytegeek
Registration hacking and eavesdropping are two of the big ones. I don't think I have ever fallen prey to a VoIP attack to be honest. As a systems engineer I like to remind people that any connected software or device is vulnerable to exploits. Some are more secure than others but it is always good to exercise caution. Use strong passwords. Keep everything updated. Use a secure network.
By bluegreen
Yes I have never had an attack on my skype as well, probably because I don't use it that much and because there is not much interest on hacking my skype I think. Nytegeek, do you think that nowadays the majority of the people can hack accounts and VOIPS with ease? And having the latest updates and a strong password, does it protect us against the majority of the hackers?
By pwarbi
Where any form of technology is involved, security is always going to be of some concern, and while I agree somewhat with the comments, its unlikely to happen, and if it does they won't be interested in me, I'd still take all the necessary precautions to be on the safe side.
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By nytegeek
Sunflogun wrote:That's true, I try to be safe of course, but if someone wants to hack me they will because everything is possible for people with the right knowledge and tools.
What most people fail to understand is that nobody wants to hack them. Hackers are interested in high value targets. They are after servers that and such. The primary motivation is money in most cases.

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