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By DanMorrie
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well if your google play is working and you are able to into the app the all you really need to do launch play store and on the top there should be a search bar, click on the and type in skype. Then choose the app called skype, wait for the page to load and then click download, if you are having a problem connecting the check you internet connection or try logging in through a different account.
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By vinaya
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Search skype on Google play. Once you find the app, tap the install button and accept the Terms of Use. Once you accept Terms of Use, the skype app will download on your phone. This is as simple as this. If are having hard time downloading and installing the app, make sure you are connected to good internet connection, you have enough memory on your device and you are logged into Google play through your Gmail.
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By bluegreen
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adssolsn wrote:Has anyone down loaded the Smartphone Skype application on Google play? If you have or happen to know the procedure, please help me with the instructions. I am having a hard time trying to the same.
You just need to click the install button and then wait for it to be installed. I've done that on my mother's phone... And her phone is not one of the best that's on the market :yum:

The problem might be the compatibility, and if you phone is not compatible with skype you can't do nothing. Besides searching for similar apps that your phone supports! If you manage to insall skype, anyways, after that you just need to create an account, or if you have an account you just need to enter the login credentials and you are gucci!
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By waqsi
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Hi, I think its not a big deal my dear friend. I guess you might be facing some compatibility issues.
To download Skype in your smartphone, just follow these simple steps:
1) If you're using Android smartphone, go to google playstore and search for Skype.

2) Tap on the install button and let it install into your phone.

3) After installing the app, open it and accept the terms and conditions, register on the app if required and that's it.
If the problem still persists, try to contact the Skype support team or make sure your device ticks all the boxes required to run the app into your phone. Good luck! :relaxed:

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