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By bluegreen
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Sunflogun wrote:In fact it does seem something of the past. Eventually old people who are not informed and continue to pay the line rental, apart from that I really don't know who would pay for it.
My grandpas still using line rental as their phone service. I told them that there are other options that are much more cheaper and better than the old one but they don't seem to trust me... They told me that I didn't know anything about the theme and that they are good with the service. So I didn't insist.

As you said, it's only the older people that are using that kind of service!
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By billybob
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I am with Plusnet and have been for the past 3 years. When I joined Plusnet FTTC you had to have and pay for the telephone service. Now you can have FTTC without line rental, you pay £2.50 a month more for a broadband only service. I tried VoIP many years ago but the service was not good, echo’s lag, and so many dropped calls.
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By gsmlnx
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You cannot yet get FTTC without paying for a phone line (aka line rental). You must currently pay line rental.

This may come in the future as OFCOM (the UK telephone regulator) has given permission for such services to start in the future (sometime into late 2016) but it is not available yet. And given that the profit margin for UK telecoms firms comes from the line rental, I doubt they are going to offer it any time soon.

IF, and only if, you are on Plusnet and you have FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), then you do not need to have a phone line.

FTTC is not the same as FTTP, the first one needs a physical copper/aluminium phone line to connect to the house, FTTP is a fibre optic cable which connects your house to the telephone exchange. Two very different technologies and FTTP is rare in the UK due to the costs of installation.

Okay I'm extremely lucky as I'm in that rare category of having an FTTP connection, also using Plusnet and therefore not having a phone line any more. It's so rare, I think I'm an endanger species :laugh:
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By gsmlnx
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Yep, Plusnet customer service are not the best. Ever since they expanded and open a new office in Leeds, the customer service has been on a downward slide. The lack of training for the people who answer the phone ( wouldn't call them support as they have little idea about how things work) is shocking. The Plusnet forums list every day the inane things they say to customers.

Hope you are enjoying the very loud music on hold and the ironic choice of music they play. 2 years ago I had a 2 hour wait listening to "Don't You want me baby" constantly on loop and I really didn't by the end when I hung up in disgust. I believe now the wait is only 15 to 40 minutes but still a massive wait time.

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