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Okay I'm extremely lucky as I'm in that rare category of having an FTTP connection, also using Plusnet and therefore not having a phone line any more. It's so rare, I think I'm an endanger species :laugh:
Still not an endanger species, go to the Netherlands, many towns get a FTTP. I'm lucky i got it last year, now (temp) connected at 500 Mb/s.
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The other day I was on my computer when sudenly someone ring the bell, I opened the door and it was a man from a well known Internet provider company, here in my country, and he was offering some new bundles they have. And I thought for myself, well, currently I'm using a Internet service that is provided by a portable pen and it's very bad so I will just ask this guy if they can offer some bundle that only has internet and nothing more. Then I asked the guy and the simpliest bundle they had was phone plus internet. Well I know that you can have only phone if you want, but why can't you have only internet? I don't want the phone, why should I pay that service plus the internet? Do you know any company that offers only internet (good internet of course, with a router, not pens...)?

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Thanks very much. Really appreciate it! :-D

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