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By lokiebunny
Well, guys as you all know if your commute takes you through rural areas or mountainous terrain, then you're aware of how inconsistent a mobile signal can be. Sometimes its so frustrating to lose or miss a call, it can also make you think twice before making a call. These areas are also a huge drain on your phone's battery becuase it has to constantly search for a consistent signal.

Have any of you considered using a mobile phone signal booster? apparently, you can turn the blinking single bar into five, not only will you get better voice quality but it will save your battery life as well.


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By nytegeek
I'm not sure you posted this in the right place. At any rate signal boosters don't operate the way you described and it isn't hard to turn the phone off. You shouldn't be talking on one if you are driving to begin with. Regardless of what local law may or may not be it is just common sense.
By pwarbi
Just regarding the mobile use while driving, here in the UK it's against the law and you can get an on the spot fine if you get caught, but the amount of people you see still on the mobile while driving is unbelievable. Like you say, even if it isn't against the law, then surely common sense prevails anyway and its something you just don't do?

As for signal boosters I wasn't aware either that they would work in that way, but I'm not an expert on the matter so, I could be wrong?
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