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By pwarbi
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I'd imagine that it's for your own benefit to update it, especially if you use the software a lot. Most updates aswell as including new features and upgrades, they usually have important security updates in there aswell.

Obviously the choice is yours but I always upgrade whenever I get a message there's a newer version available.
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By vinaya
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Updating software and apps is very important because the latest versions are always better. In the updated versions bugs are fixed and user experience are improved. However, you can also use software and app without updating. I have been using old version of viber and skype on my laptop and I have never encountered any problem.
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By talk2me
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I don't think it will over load your laptop/PC. It is a common feature with any application you use over Internet. In most of the cases it will get updated automatically if you do not change the setting. But I suggest you to update it as soon as possible because it is very important from a security point of view. It is quite possible that the updated version might be having more security features to keep you safe from latest threats.

Moreover skype being a communication medium, security is very important.
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By nytegeek
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billybob wrote:While I agree with you in the most part, updating software/apps can introduce more bugs than are solved. So unless updating is to cure a security issue, I tend to wait and see what others users report on the stability of the update before going ahead.
Software that operates online absolutely must be kept current. Most updates include security patches and waiting for the opinions of other users before updating is a good way to open yourself up to problems. Especially considering that a lot of what gets spread around online about product updates is FUD.
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By waqsi
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In my opinion, if the current version of your skype is working fine for you and you have all the required features working in it, then its not necessary to update it. But many times the apps are buggy or slow down your system due to which your system starts malfunctioning. In that case, the concerned app should be immediately updated or uninstalled to prevent your PC or laptop from any problems. Good luck! :relaxed:
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By nytegeek
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billybob wrote:Did you bother to read what I said :disappointed: CAN introduce more bugs than are solved. So unless updating is to cure a security issue So In MY opinion it is NOT always a good idea to install the latest update. Have you never had a problem updating Windows?
I realize that you are of that opinion. I was disagreeing with you.
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