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By adssolsn
i lost my laptop user password which forced me to lose not just all my data but $15 to computer a tech guy. i also understand that i lost some drivers, all these could have been saved if only i knew how to unlock the password myself. is there a way one can do that?


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By vinaya
This has happened to me also. Thus I always use easy to remember password, By the way I don't let other use my laptop, coincidentally, when I am not using my password, I lock my files and make sure no one has access to my prove info. @JH1818 I will check the link and see if I can do it myself when ever I encounter this problem again.
By bluegreen
I don't think you have other chance than formating the computer, much probably the technician formated your computer, that's why you lost some drivers and some files. Maybe he just formated the partition where the Windows copy was installed. What I can advice you next time is to save all your important files. drivers and whatever you think it's important in another partition that it's not where the Windows is installed. Generally every computer has at least 2 partitions, one for the Windows and other for Data.


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