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By vinaya
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I have replaced my laptop battery twice. When the laptop battery back up was less than 15 minutes, I had to replace the battery. The original battery (the one that came with laptop) used to last around 5 hours (when not using media program or internet), however, the replaced battery only lasts two hours.
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By bluegreen
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adssolsn wrote:mine lasts 45 minutes; used to last more than two hours but has declined with time. how long does yours last?what maintenance practices do carry to ensure the laptop battery lasts longer?
Mine lasts more or less the same as yours. Well , nowadays every computer (And every other device that uses battery) comes with different batteries than the ones that were used 4 or 5 years ago. Usually they are very durable and don't decline with time!

But one thing that it's very important and that can make a huge difference is to try to charge the battery until it's full, and not leaving it half for example. Other thing is that if you can plug in your pc to a jack you can remove the battery!
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By biege
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The battery on my laptop could last up to 3 hours while playing heavy games but if I'm just using this for Internet browsing it can last 4-5 hours. I agree with @bluegreen , if you are just going to plug the computer to an adapter might as well remove the battery since you're not going to move around. See to it that you don't drain the battery empty since Lithium batteries can be charged now without fully draining them--These batteries doesn't suffer from memory effect. In addition to that, if you keep on draining the battery empty too much, the life span of the battery shortens.

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