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By WelshPaul
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I held off posting this after the Sipgate fiasco, but it Looks like UKDDI has gone! Their site has been down for more than a couple of days now. :confused:

A prime example of why you shouldn't use free DDI's for business use! :wink:
If you use a VoIP company make sure they are a member of ITSPA, their trade body. They have a code of practice that allows free and open porting of numbers between its members and, as one of its members is BT, you have a good level of comfort that, should the worst happen, your number is safe.
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By whiskerp
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It's still down. The softswitch at https://www.3c.co.uk/ui/ still allows logins with registered accounts but all numbers have disappeared. I am seeing the following in Asterisk:
sip.ukddi.com:5060 N ukddi_101xxx 120 No Authentication
I guess it's bad news. it could be a server failure but nothing has changed in a week and my e-mail to David Knell remains unanswered.

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By WelshPaul
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Lavarock7 wrote:I too see where all my DID numbers are missing from the website. However, I have a London number that was using a URI to send it to my Voip.Ms extension. That still works for me.
As scots_jon states above, port the number out ASAP if it's important to you.

Be aware that there may be a charge depending on who you port it over to, usually around the £20 mark.
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