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By transam98
Does anyone have a suggestion for a VoIP Provider (With a UK #) that I can use for free incoming calls (and maybe a few outgoing calls)...

Im using a Obihai obi202...

Also one that will NOT block me because I have a US IP Address ?
( I Have used freespeech.co.uk) but after about a month they disable it because my Obihai is coming in from a US IP Address)....

(rather than setting in my router to assign the obi202 a VPN UK IP Address).

What i'm MAINLY Looking for (is ANY UK #) for incoming... I don't care if it charges the caller a premium)..(lol)
would be nice to have a FEW Minutes free per month to occasionally test the outgoing to see if its still working... but then again I can see if it has a REGISTERED Status on the obi portal page to the 202)

thanks in advance
*please be nice and respectful as this is my 1st time on these forums here @ ukviop.
thanks again


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By WelshPaul
Freespeech states the following in their t&c's:
1.1.6 Eligibility

For any subscription to this service which includes a geographic number it is a requirement you must be normally be resident in the United Kingdom.
The Service is available to individuals who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as well as corporations and other organisations who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. If you meet these qualifications you are entitled to one account only. By accepting these Terms, you signify that you meet these qualifications of eligibility. we may refuse to offer the Service to any person or company, and may change our criteria for eligibility, at any time, at its sole discretion. we retains the right to terminate your account and your rights to use the freespeech products and services for any reason including but not limited to our belief or suspicion that any registration data you provide is or becomes untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete.
Have you looked here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=6

I couldn't find anything in sipgate's residential t&c's that the service is limited to residents of the U.K.

You can sign up here: https://www.sipgate.co.uk/basic/signup
By transam98
Thanks for the reply Paul... I DID look @sipgate.co.uk (plus a few others) but didnt want to sign up for every single one then find out I couldnt use it (lol) Thats why I posted asking basically if anyone knew or had experience :) I will TRY SIPGATE and sign up and enter all info into my obi and let ya know back this evening (my time US)... :) Thanks for the suggestion, and You know how no one ever reads the TOS on signing up stuff... I guess I would have noticed freespeeches eligibility (lol) But I guessed, it was cause my Obi was connecting to them via a USA IP...;( way around is I could have forced my obi to use the VPN and a UK IP (via the router)(I can set individual internal ip's 192.x.x.x to use the VPN but that is a pain...

Anyways thanks again ill try sipgate, and let ya know...

As I mentioned I just want a UK Incoming # for 99% of the time, and maybe just a few mins a month for outgoing (and I dont mind a small top up).... so ill try it and let ya know :)
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By transam98
ok so I signed up on my computer (didnt VPN myself)(MISTAKE !!) lol got a email, in that a link "click here" did it "If you signed up and your not in the UK...blah blah blah ahha" so that one will NOT get approved when my browser IP shows the US. So I VPN'd used another email addy etc... now gotta wait for them to see I signed up using a UK IP (VPN) so Ill wait and let ya know :) thanks again !
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By WelshPaul
That's odd, I couldn't find anything in their t&c's that states you must be a UK resident. Possible I missed it, I was using a mobile to read them.

You could try net-telco.net, I haven't read their t&c's but this is the only other VoIP provider I know where you can get an inbound UK number for free or a paid for number at the cheapest price.

If net-telco.net don't work out for you then use Voipfone.co.uk - A UK number with them though will cost you £2.40 a month.
By transam98
here was thier email reply/link (below)...
now since I DID it on a SAT ill have to wait till monday.
Plus im HOPING they cant tell that the ISP I went through was a VPN (lol), It was a london vpn if not i can try a southampton VPN ;) hehe
sipgate basic sign ups are subject to a reviewal process. We send activation emails weekdays 09:00 - 18:00 GMT. If it's been under a working day since you signed up your sipgate basic UK residential account should be active soon.

If you signed up from with the UK, provided your full name and your personal contact email address you should receive an activation email within one working day.

To complete your account sign-up, you'll need to click the link in the activation email.

If you haven't received an activation email, before contacting our support or signing up again, please check if any of the following applies to your sign up:

Have you checked your Spam and/or Junk email folders?

We will only activate account sign ups made from within the UK. :mad:

If you signed up from outside the UK, please try signing up again on your return to the UK. :ninja:

If you signed up over a ((((((((((((VPN)))))))))))), 3G/4G, corporate, university campus or public WiFi internet connections, please try signing up again from a different internet connection.
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By WelshPaul
Just a heads up... It's a bank holiday weekend so Monday isn't a normal working day. It's likely to be Tuesday before anyone at Sipgate processes your request.
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By WelshPaul
By transam98
Small update about sipgate.co.uk:
I got today (monday your bank holiday) the confirmation from sipgate.
I connected to VPN (London ip) finished signup.
Got a SIP London #, it went into registered status...
Will update if it goes "off" cause I let my obi keep my US IP Address when it registered :)
So Ill see if it stays up running and let ya know periodically :)
thanks again
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By WelshPaul
Congratulations :)

You should be good, I can't find anywhere in their terms that users must be based here in the UK in order to use the service.

The email above talks about the initial sign up process only, as your over that hurdle it looks promising. If however they do terminate your account, post back and update us.
By transam98
Just a update:
Ive had sipgate.co.uk on my Obi202 for about a month and a half (registered on my OBI with a USA IP Address, and its still working...) Ive made a call to 10000 aout once a week to keep it active. Hasnt disconnected (yet knock on wood haha)... Ive now got a 2nd sipgate # and later today Im migrating everything from a obi 202 to a obi508 (8 lines) (I guess I can call myself (each other's sipgate #'s)) to keep em active...ahha ;)

Just wanted to report WORKING FINE with a USA IP Address (except I DID use a VPN with a London IP to sign up)

To paul: thanks again for the recommendation of sipgate. ! :x
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By WelshPaul
Woohoo!!! :party:

Thanks for taking the time to post back with an update @transam98. This forum has a lot of visitors from the USA, this will be surely help someone out.


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