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Apparently you never need miss an important call again, Voipfone are now offering a Virtual PA service...
Dear Paul Norman,

If you look in your Control Panel here...

https://controlpanel.voipfone.co.uk/acc ... assistants

- you'll find a new item, "Virtual PA (Beta)"

When you set this up calls will be sent to an operator who can take the call for you. She uses information you have provided to deal with the call - she knows who's calling and answers simple questions directly, takes messages or transfers the call to someone in your company that can help.

You provide the rules and knowledge-base to do this; we provide the integrated service and manpower that makes it work effortlessly.

We channel calls into our Virtual Personal Assistants intelligently, sending calls from your company to the same agents each time so that they learn about your business quickly and their ability to help you grows. We automatically provide call recordings, texts and email messages for each call.

You'll never miss an important call again.

The service is very flexible; you can turn it on and off at will and it has no set-up costs or monthly fees.

The Virtual PA service requires at least one extension (£1.00 per month ex VAT) and calls are charged at £1.00 per call (ex VAT) regardless of the length of the call.

While our PA service is in Beta it will be open between 09:00 and 17:30, Monday to Friday. Hours will be extended thereafter subject to demand.

If you need occasional help answering calls - give us a try.

Kind Regards

Voipfone Customer Services
Looks like you run through a "Script Wizard" (as Voipfone call it), this provides the Virtual PA with some basic information, such as the name of your company, address, and how you would like their assistants to greet your clients.

Additional features include:
  • Key Personnel: Adding key personnel allows the Virtual PA to transfer calls. Add one for each person who may need to take the call, including their extension number, and the conditions when the assistant should try to contact them (if they are available).

    Knowledge Base: The information you provide here will allow our Virtual PA to answer common enquiries such as opening hours, without having to contact you first. This also helps to give the impression that the Virtual PA is actually working full-time for your company.

    Availability: Extension users can set their availability. If the extension user has marked themselves as unavailable, the assistant will take a message instead.
Not tried the service myself just yet but the price does seem rather reasonable and is in line with other offerings on the market at present. Will definitely give this a trial run!

Read more here.

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