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If you discover a bug (flaw or defect) while using the forums we are very interested in hearing about it, we will read all of your posts and take each report very seriously. We are very grateful for detailed bug reports.

One of the first steps in fixing a bug is reproducing the reported issue. While a bug can be frustrating, posting a report of a flaw in no great detail will delay the repair efforts for the issue; if we cannot reproduce the bug at all then we cannot begin to fix it.

For this reason, we would be very grateful if you use the following guidelines when reporting a bug:
  1. Describe the flaw in as much detail as possible; attach screenshots of the issue if you can.
  2. Provide information regarding what browser your using, Internet Explorer 9 or Google Chrome for example.
  3. Keep the thread on topic; post only the above information. That way other members can verify if a bug has already been reported.
Remember just because a feature or function does not do what you want it to do, the way you expect it to do, does not make it a bug.

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