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By vinaya
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What do you mean by home and mobile phone in the same handset? Do you mean dual SIM(of similar networks) on the handset, or a handset that accepts two different kinds of networks (for instance GSM and CDMA? Many Samsung handsets have dual GSM SIM option and you can use one SIM for home and another for work. I am not sure about the handset that accepts GSM and CDMA in one.
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By bluegreen
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billybob wrote:Anyone use duel mobile home phone in one unit? Like this

Does anyone know if any other manufactures make such a phone?
So, it's a Dual SIM mobile phone that supports either mobile numbers and phone numbers? That's really good indeed! I will tell my grandfather about that! Becaus when he wants to go to the shopping mall or do other stuff outside home usually he takes his mobile phone and it's phone with him because he is an electrician and he receives calls everyday in each device. So it will be really good if he can have the 2 numbers in the same device! :grinning:
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By vinaya
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I checked the link. I am not aware about this kind of handset. It looks more like a cordless phone for a PSTN line (I have used cordless PSTN phone set). However the description says it also accepts GSM SIM. The feature looks very useful. I will have to check other sources to see if this kind of handsets are available here.

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