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By WelshPaul
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The latest firmware for the Obihai ATA range can be downloaded from the OBiTALK forums located here.
(When possible, always download the latest firmware files from the official OBiTALK website)

Should the OBiTALK website be down (it has a couple of times in the past) you can download the latest firmware file from our very own premium downloads section (membership required) located here.

Manual Update Instructions:
  1. Download the above linked file to your computer.
  2. Access the web page of the OBi device (OBi via Internet/WAN Port):
    • From a phone attached to the PHONE port of the OBi dial * * * 1
    • The IP address of the OBi will be read to you
    • Open a new browser window on your PC and enter the IP address of the OBi.
    • When prompted, enter "admin" for username and "admin" for password.
      If you have previously changed the password, use that instead of "admin."
    • OBi202/OBi302 Note: To access the OBi via the LAN port, by default the LAN port IP (Gateway) address is:
    • OBi202/OBi302 Note: To access the integral web page via the WAN port, you may need to enable WAN access. To do this, from the connected phone dial ***0. Next, enter 30# - Press 1 to enter a new value - Press 1# to enable - Press 1 to save.
  3. Now that you have accessed the OBi web page, go to the "System Management" - "Device Update" page. From there, "Browse" to the firmware file you just downloaded above and click Update.
  4. Wait for the OBi to restart (approx. 30-60 seconds) and you will be good to go.
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By WelshPaul
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Obihai have just release a new firmware version for the OBi200 & Obi202 devices...
  • Version 3.1.1 (Build: 5774)
For the first time in a very long time, Obihai have not uploaded the release notes for this revision. Well, I can't find any! I wonder if they have patched the vulnerabilities used to come up with a patch that modifies the firmware on the OBi100 and OBi110 devices? It's very likely!?!

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