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By cfcman
My current setup is a Gigaset SL565 base station with five SL56 handsets and a Siemens HC450 Door System. I want to add VOIP to my setup, so have bought a Gigaset N300IP base station. The intention was for the N300IP to replace the SL565 as a base station, but I've discovered that the N300IP is not compatible with the HC450 Door System.
So....I'm left with the option of keeping BOTH base stations, and registering all of my handsets with both of them. The problem is that, as far as I can tell, each handset can only be connected to one base station at a time, meaning that an incoming call on one of the base stations will only be heard on whichever handset(s) happen to be connected to it at the time.
Is there any way of having incoming calls from both base stations routed to all handsets, regardless of whether the handsets are connected to the relevant base station?


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By WelshPaul
Well unless I read it wrong, it states here that the HC450 is compatible with both the Gigaset Gigaset N300 IP and N300A base stations? Regarding your SL56 handsets, they don't appear to be compatible with the N300 IP base station. They may work, but with limited functionality.

Is your Gigaset N300 IP running the latest firmware? Try upgrading your devices firmware. Simply navigate to the Settings > Management > Firmware Update page and click on the "Update Firmware" button.

EDIT: FYI, my Gigaset N300A IP is running the following firmware revision: 42.245 (422450000000 / V42.00)
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By cfcman
Thanks for the suggestion - there was indeed a firmware update available for the N300IP, which I have now installed. It has now successfully registered with the HC450. The issue now is that my five SL56 handsets, which I have also now registered with the N300IP, are not listed when I press the INT button on a handset. I would usually expect to see a list of all handsets connected to the same base station when I press INT. Instead, when I press INT on a handset I see a blank display with a line of 6 dots at the top.
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By WelshPaul
As I pointed out above, your SL56 handsets are not compatible with the Gigaset N300 IP or N300A IP. If they work at all, they will only have limited functionality (make and receive a call).

http://www.gigaset.com/en_en/cms/servic ... ducts.html
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By cfcman
Ah sorry I missed that. That's a pain - it means I'll need to replace all five handsets.
Any recommendations for a low-end (i.e. low cost) handset which will:
- work with the N300IP
- work with the HC450
- have full internal calling/intercom features
- selectable PSTN/VOIP calling on a per-call basis?
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By WelshPaul
@cfcman no worries...

Below is the list that is displayed in the Voipon document I posted above. The list is in the following format: Handset model, display, phone book, recommended base station, battery life, bluetooth and finally hands Free:
  • Gigaset A58H
    B/W display 96x64 pixels
    150 entries
    See compatibility table
    17 hours talk 210 hours standby
  • Gigaset C59H
    Colour graphic TFT display
    150 entries
    Any Gigaset
    12 hours talk185 hours standby
  • Gigaset C300H
    Colour graphic TFT display
    250 entries
    See compatibility table
    20 hours talk 300 hours standby
  • Gigaset E49H
    150 entries
    Any Gigaset
    12 hours talk 250 hours standby
  • Gigaset S79H
    Colour graphic TFT display
    500 entries
    Any Gigaset
    13 hours talk 180 hours standby
  • Gigaset SL400H
    Colour graphic TFT display
    Siemens Gigaset HC450 Intercom
    500 entries
    Any Gigaset
    14 hours talk 230 hours standby
  • Gigaset SL78H
    Colour graphic TFT display
    500 entries
    Any Gigaset
    14 hours talk 200 hours standby
  • Gigaset E500H
    B/W display 128x80 pixels
    150 entries
    20 hours talk 300 hours standby
  • Gigaset A510
    B/W display 96x64 pixels
    150 entries
    Any Gigaset
    20 hours talk 220 hours standby
Unfortunately, the HC450 isn't included in Gigasets compatibility checker, no idea why! But, going by the above, the Gigaset SL400H is compatible with the HC450 door entry unit, it supports Internal calls, intercom, but i'm unsure if it supports selectable PSTN/VOIP calling on a per-call basis (it should). The Gigaset compatibility checker confirms full compatibility between the Gigaset SL400H and the N300 IP base station too.

It's available on Amazon here. Not cheap mind, £81.99 FREE UK delivery each. Maybe order one and give it a try? If it doesn't work, send it back. :)
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By WelshPaul
Yea, was thinking the same when writing my reply! :x

It's the only one that I can confirm works with both the HC450 and N300 IP base though. :dunno:

Might be worth contacting Gigaset support and ask them directly what handsets are compatible with the above as their online compatibility checker doesn't list the HC450? Their UK telephone number is +44 (0)20 369 53111, can't find an email address for them though. http://www.gigaset.com/en_en/cms/servic ... tline.html
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By WelshPaul
I just found this list at http://www.gigaset.com/en_en/cms/servic ... hc450.html

Which devices are supporting the HC450?

Compatible base stations:
  • Gigaset C430
  • Gigaset C430A
  • Gigaset C470
  • Gigaset C475
  • Gigaset C470 IP
  • Gigaset C475 IP
  • Gigaset C590
  • Gigaset C595
  • Gigaset C610
  • Gigaset C610A
  • Gigaset C620
  • Gigaset C620A
  • Gigaset CL540 -Dune-
  • Gigaset CL540A -Dune-
  • Gigaset CL750
  • Gigaset CL750A
  • Gigaset CX470 ISDN
  • Gigaset CX475 ISDN
  • Gigaset CX610 ISDN
  • Gigaset CX610A ISDN
  • Gigaset DL500A
  • Gigaset DX600A ISDN
  • Gigaset DX800A all-in-one
  • Gigaset E450
  • Gigaset E455
  • Gigaset E450 SIM
  • Gigaset E455 SIM
  • Gigaset E490
  • Gigaset E495
  • Gigaset S440
  • Gigaset S445
  • Gigaset S450
  • Gigaset S455
  • Gigaset S450 SIM
  • Gigaset S455 SIM
  • Gigaset S450 IP
  • Gigaset S645
  • Gigaset S670
  • Gigaset S675
  • Gigaset S675 IP
  • Gigaset S680
  • Gigaset S685
  • Gigaset S685 IP
  • Gigaset S790
  • Gigaset S795
  • Gigaset S810
  • Gigaset S810A
  • Gigaset SL370
  • Gigaset SL375
  • Gigaset SL400
  • Gigaset SL400A
  • Gigaset SL440
  • Gigaset SL550
  • Gigaset SL555
  • Gigaset SL560
  • Gigaset SL565
  • Gigaset SL780
  • Gigaset SL785
  • Gigaset SX440 ISDN
  • Gigaset SX445 ISDN
  • Gigaset SX450 ISDN
  • Gigaset SX455 ISDN
  • Gigaset SX670 ISDN
  • Gigaset SX675 ISDN
  • Gigaset SX680 ISDN
  • Gigaset SX685 ISDN
  • Gigaset SX810 ISDN
  • Gigaset SX810A ISDN
Other base stations such as Gigaset SX353 ISDN or Gigaset SX255 ISDN do not support the OPCAP protocol and are not compatible with the Gigaset HC450.

Compatible handsets:
  • Gigaset C430H
  • Gigaset C47H
  • Gigaset C59H
  • Gigaset C610H
  • Gigaset C620H
  • Gigaset CL540H -Dune-
  • Gigaset CL750H
  • Gigaset E45
  • Gigaset E49H
  • Gigaset S1
  • Gigaset S1 color
  • Gigaset S44
  • Gigaset S45
  • Gigaset S67H
  • Gigaset S68H
  • Gigaset S79H
  • Gigaset S810H
  • Gigaset SL1
  • Gigaset SL1 color
  • Gigaset SL37H
  • Gigaset SL400H
  • Gigaset SL55
  • Gigaset SL56
  • Gigaset SL74
  • Gigaset SL78H
Other GAP supporting handsets, also from other manufacturers, can be used for the voice connection to the Gigaset HC450, but not to open the door.

So look through the list and make sure whatever you shortlist is compatible with the N300 IP basestation by using the Gigaset compatibility checker located here: http://www.gigaset.com/en_en/cms/servic ... ducts.html

I recommend the Gigaset C430H (I use the C430HX). It's available on Amazon here and it's more reasonably priced at £32.99 (FREE Delivery in the UK).
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By WelshPaul
Just be aware, when using a non compatible handset with the N300 IP, it will result in many of the features and notifications not working. So, even if you don't want one to open the door, get one that's compatible with the N300 IP regardless.

Good luck :thumbsup:
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By CJT-80
WelshPaul wrote: Sun 8th April 2018, 18:59 Their UK telephone number is +44 (0)20 369 53111, can't find an email address for them though. http://www.gigaset.com/en_en/cms/servic ... tline.html
I do love how Gigaset put the number it should read: +44 (0) 20 3695 3111 for international, and 020 3695 3111


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