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Hi Everyone,

I’ve just joined the forum and have no prior experience of VOIP so was hoping someone could help me with some questions I have.

Basically we are a small charity who currently have standard BT Business broadband in our office (Business Hub 5 Type A). Soon we will be employing 2 new staff members to head up a project and we want to install VOIP for them to use, as they will be making a lot of outgoing calls to organise fundraising / promote events etc. We are keeping our standard telephone line so the VOIP will be additional to that. I currently have one Gigaset A580IP box with handset but have not set us up with a VOIP provider yet. I am hoping to find answers to the following questions;

1. If the 2 new members of staff wish to make outgoing calls at the same time, do I only require an additional handset, or will I need another A50IP box (or similar)?

2. As we already have 8 staff connected to our router, will the additional 2 new staff using VOIP be likely to cause connection/speed problems for everyone due to the additional VOIP bandwidth usage?

3. We don’t really want to be tied in to a 12 or 24 month contract with a provider as our project will only last approx 6 months. Could anyone recommend a cost effective provided which doesn’t require a contract? Also are no contract deals likely to cost us a lot more overall?

If anyone could answer these for us, or even just one of them it would be much appreciated. I have tried to find info online but couldn’t find answers to these specific questions I had.

Thanks in advance.

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