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Hello everyone!

I've just stumbled across this forum whilst I was doing a little late night research about the Cisco 7970G model. Has anyone within this community ever managed to successfully connect this model of phone to a Hosted PBX provider? After purchasing two of these phones recently, I updated the firmware from SCCP to SIP 9.x.

Although, after I pulled up the XML configuration for the phone, I've exhausted most ways of trying to get this phone to register with the remote based Hosted PBX provider that I am using. I have managed to get the Cisco 7960 and SPA models of Cisco working perfectly fine within the past. Although, the 7970 seems to be more troublesome and I have no idea what's preventing the phone from provisioning.

Is this particular phone more exclusive with the Cisco CallManager in oppose to being used alongside of remote hosted PBX providers?

Within the phone's config file, I have completed the configuration for the following settings:

Outbound Proxy
Outbound Proxy Port
Auth User
Auth Pass

I am not using CallManager to manage this phone, so I can't really get a great understanding for what's going off here in terms of the phone's provisioning. I have read that this particular phone model does struggle to connect to a wide variety of UK based hosted PBX provider networks. Not sure whether this is true or not?

All the same, I hope someone could advise me on this a little (I'm in two minds whether to sell the phones on and go down either the Grandstream/Polycom Route instead)

Any advice would be most welcomed!

Have a read of this topic: WelshPaul @ Configure a Cisco 7970 for use with FreePBX

My advice, sell them and purchase a VoIP SIP phone (can be purchased cheap enough).
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Hello Paul,

Thank you for your response. Much appreciated!

Ah, that topic link that you provided me with was an interesting read. To be honest, the only reason I saw any good in these phones was literally down to the reason of how they were advertised online.

They were advertised as SIP compatible phones and with me already having the Cisco 7940 and the SPA models (Which registered perfectly fine) - I just assumed that nothing would be different with the 7970's. Ir's a shame though, the phones look pretty nice!

However, I don't think anyone has had anyone joy with them. :dunno:

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