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Hi there,

I've spent a few hours researching, looking at hardware, trying to understand various terms used but everything seems super overkill for my needs.

If I explain what I'd like to achieve can any of you kind souls inform me what I should be looking for?
Any help will me much appreciated.

I have an office space detached from our house. There is no landline there and I don't want, or feel I need one.

In an ideal world I'd like to have 2 (preferably cordless/wireless phones) that are connected to my wifi network and a local number that gets forwarded to them. I have a static IP here.

I'd prefer not to be using a software based solution that relies on a computer being on or in the office as we both have laptops and move around etc.

I currently have a local number (with flextel) that forwards to my mobile, but now that I have a new employee I need an office solution.

Is such a solution possible?
What is the terminology that I need to search for/research?

Thanks so much for your time.

After a rather boring few hours researching I found that I can use my current Flextel number for VOIP (I didn't previously know that) andI bought a single Siemens Gigaset C530A IP that has an answerphone. I can add more handsets in the future if needed.

VOIP and POT on one adaptor.

Many people use their PSTN lines for incoming call…

Ah yea thanks for the heads about "Swansea nu…

Testing 999? What do I say?

Hi @dcowan and welcome to UKVF. 👋🏻 Interestin…

A very good topic.

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