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Hi, Voipfone can transfer almost any number including BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, both Geographic starting 01 and/or 02, as well as Non-Geographic 03 and/or 08 etc. They can also port most AQL, Gradwell, Vonage, Sipgate, IPC, Voiptalk, some Skype numbers and numbers from other UK VoIP providers that are members of ITSPA, the UK trade body for VoIP.

To do it they need:
  1. A completed number porting request form:
  2. A signed letter from you, asking them to port – stating your Voipfone Account Number and confirming the number(s) you'd like them to port
  3. A copy of your telephone bill showing your name address and telephone number (so we have proof it belongs to you)
Once complete please return all 3 of these by email to porting@voipfone.co.uk or fax to 020 7043 5556.

Number porting takes around 2 weeks to be completed on average, but it can vary between 7 to 30 days depending on the type of line you have.

The process costs £20 (plus VAT) per number for the first 5 numbers. Any additional numbers over five will be ported free of charge, so long as they're from the same provider and part of the one application. If the numbers are with different telephone companies then additional charges will apply, but don't worry they explain all this in detail when you apply.

Once on their system, you will be billed by them at the rate they normally charge for the type of number you ported. For example a geographic number costs £2 per month.

More info taken from Voipfone's website:
Voipfone wrote:Other Number Information

For both Voipfone numbers and any numbers ported to us, if in the future you need to port any number(s) away to a different provider, there is a fee of £20 + VAT to cover the work involved of dealing with the gaining provider and reprogramming our network so that calls route correctly to the (new) gaining provider.

For traditional landlines, when completing the porting form, the Original Installation Address should be used. This is where the service was first provided, (for example, before any premises relocations if you moved and kept the same number) and with the details that BT/Openreach first used. The Original Installation Address can sometimes have slight variations on building names and postcodes to what Royal Mail would consider to be correct. If in any doubt, it is worth contacting your existing provider to be sure – as any rejections lead to delays, and a £10 + VAT rejection fee.

In very rare circumstances, the Original Installation Address to be used is the numbers' Telephone Exchange. For example when relocations have taken place, and the new premises are served from a different telephone exchange to the original premises, the only option (at that time) to keep the same telephone number(s) was to take out a Remote Call Forwarding or Admin Controlled Call Forwarding type service. In these situations, the circuit was essentially ceased at the old premises, and 'installed' on special equipment at that numbers' Telephone Exchange.

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