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By WelshPaul
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Just received the following email from Voipfone:
Voipfone wrote:Notice of Price Changes from 1st September 2020

We are making price changes to some of our services.

From 1st September 2020, the price of calls to UK mobiles will be reduced by 30% to 7p per minute.

Our Mobile Minutes packages are also being reduced in price by 30%

The price of UK phone numbers will increase to £3 per month (ex VAT). Automatic volume discounts will be applied to accounts with more than 10 UK phone numbers (Numbers 10-21 will be £2.50 per month, and 21 and above will be only £2.00 per month)

International phone numbers will increase to £5 per month.

Many international call prices are changing, please check our Price Change Page for details.

Our access charge will be increased to 9p per minute. (This charge is only applied to calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers.)

Calls to UK landlines (01, 02, 03) are unchanged.

No one likes any increases in price at all but despite inflation we've kept our prices the same for many years. In fact our price for a telephone number has remained the same since we began 16 years ago. And of course there's a very large reduction in the cost of the service that is used the most - calls to mobile phones, and no change at all to calls to UK landlines.
As always they start with a bit of good news informing their customers that calls to mobiles will be reduced by 30%, only to stick it to them by informing them further on that pretty much everything else is going up. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Currently, a UK number with Voipfone costs £2 (+VAT) per month, come September that will increase to £3 (+VAT) per month. An increase of 50%! 😲

An international phone number with Voipfone costs £3 (+VAT) per month but again, come September it will rise to £5 (+VAT) per month. An increase of 67%!😲

Voipfone's access charge is also increasing from 7p (+VAT) to 9p (+VAT). An increase of 28%! 😲

Many of their international call prices are increasing too! We checked all destinations beginning with an "A" on Voipfone Call Cost Calculator and found that all will be increasing by approximately 20%. 😔
  • Afghanistan - Increasing 20%
  • Afghanistan - Increasing 22%
  • Albania - Increasing 20%
  • Albania Mobile - Increasing 20%
  • Algeria - Increasing 20%
  • Algeria Algiers - Increasing 20%
  • Algeria Mobile - Increasing 20%
  • Algeria Mobile Wataniya - Increasing 20%
  • American Samoa – Increasing 20%
  • Andorra – Increasing 21%
  • Andorra Mobile – Increasing 20%
  • Angola – Increasing 21%
  • Angola Mobile – Increasing 20%
  • Anguilla – Increasing 20%
  • Anguilla Mobile – Increasing 20%
  • Antigua & Barbuda – Increasing 31%
  • Antigua & Barbuda Mobile – Increasing 20%
  • Argentina – Increasing 21%
  • Argentina Buenos Aires – Increasing 33%
  • Argentina Mobile – Increasing 40%
  • Armenia – Increasing 20%
  • Armenia Mobile – Increasing 20%
  • Armenia VoIP Telephony – Increasing 20%
  • Armenia Yerevan – Increasing 20%
  • Aruba – Increasing 18%
  • Aruba Mobile – Increasing 20%
  • Ascension – Increasing 20%
  • Australia – Increasing 27%
  • Australia Central and West Derby – Increasing 25%
  • Australia External Christmas Island – Increasing 20%
  • Australia External Cocos Islands – Increasing 20%
  • Australia Mobile – Increasing 20%
  • Australia Special Local – Increasing 20%
  • Austria – Increasing 20%
  • Austria Mobile H3G – Increasing 16%
  • Austria Mobile Mobilkom – Increasing 16%
  • Austria Mobile Other – Increasing 16%
  • Austria Mobile T-Mobile – Increasing 16%
  • Austria Non Geo – Increasing 20%
  • Azerbaijan – Increasing 20%
  • Azerbaijan Baku – Increasing 20%
  • Azerbaijan Mobile – Increasing 20%
Check Voipfone's Price Change Page for further details.

You will be pleased to read that the cost of calling a UK landline remains the same. 🙂

I'm also left wondering if Voipfone had or have any plans on introducing further price increases because back in June I tried to renew an extension that had expired sometime the previous year, and although Voipfone's PBX extensions are advertised at £1 (+ VAT) per month their control panel continually wanted to charge me £1.20 (+ VAT) per month.

Upon contacting support I was told "looks like a bug in the renewal" and when I asked for an update a day or two later I was told "A ticket was raised this morning and is still being investigated". In the end Voipfone's 'admin team' had to create a custom admin fee for the correct amount. I didn't think any more of it but was this a "bug in the renewal" as Voipfone support claimed at the time or were they intending to increase the price and decided against it? Maybe it's in pipe line?!? 🤔
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By Synectic
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Yes, this is most annoying. I agree that it is a significant price hike.
I have a phone number with them for more than a decade. I was already considering moving it as I hardly use it nowadays but decided to move the ones I had with yay.com (even more expensive monthly charge and fewer features) and keep my voipfone as some of their features did come in hand in the past (specially the call me back feature). But this price hike in the midst of a most challenging business and economic environment has finally made it for me - I'm porting my number away.
Any suggestions on alternative providers to park a sip number? I will probably end up on sipgate basic but been looking at both numberpeople and virtuallandline - any feedback on either? Also found out about net-telco and it seems quite interesting.
Goodbye voipfone, your timing to hike prices is terrible!
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By WelshPaul
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@kujina If you just want a simple setup (1 number, 1 phone) then Sipgate Basic is a no brainer. 👍

Andrews & Arnold Ltd (AAISP) would be a better choice! Andrews & Arnold charge (Including VAT) the following:
  • UK Geographic Number - £1.20p
  • Calls to 01,02 & 03 numbers: 1.5ppm peak, 1.25ppm offpeak and 1ppm at weekends.
  • Calls to mobiles - 4ppm peak, 4ppm offpeak and 4ppm at weekends.
No contracts and they even do Direct Debit!
https://www.aa.net.uk/voice-and-mobile/ ... formation/

To compare, Voipfone now charge (Including VAT) the following:
  • UK Geographic Number - £3.60p
  • Calls to 01,02 & 03 numbers: 1.20ppm
  • Calls to mobiles - 8.40ppm.

Myself, I have three geographic numbers with Voipfone and I plan on porting them to Andrews & Arnold saving me £86.40p a year. I will route all calls to 01,02 & 03 numbers via Voipfone and route all calls to mobiles via Andrews & Arnold.

FYI - The likes of Sipgate, Andrews & Arnold, Soho66, VoIPtalk and many others are just as reliable as Voipfone. 🙂

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