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By @UKVoIPForums
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So I have had a look at the permissions and you were correct @ostridge, permission to edit posts had been disabled for members! I have changed this and members can now edit their posts for up to one hour after publication.

Regarding deletion of posts, members have always had permission to do this but again, only for up to one hour after publication.
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By ostridge
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I will take a look at this feature in depth later today and make some adjustments to the permissions based on what I find
Well its really simple permission to edit and delete is essential. the time for same is not relevant. When a post is wrong it has to be corrected as liability for the error could be 15 years or something.
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By WelshPaul
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ostridge wrote: Tue 6th Jul 2021, 10:40 This means it is very dangerous to post here other than petty comments.
If I cannot edit and or delete I won't post any more.
Please delete my posts, I disown them; and UKVF will have to own them; since I cannot corrrect.
Thanks but no thanks.
Members can report a post and request that it be corrected or deleted at any time. Is there a post of yours that you wanted to edit or delete?
ostridge wrote:When a post is wrong it has to be corrected as liability for the error could be 15 years or something.
I have no idea what you're trying to say here? If you post something that is defamatory or libel, then editing or deleting what you wrote later doesn't mean that you can no longer be held accountable. Defamatory or libel posts will be deleted by a moderator or administrator and the account used to post them banned as per our terms of use. However, such posts would likely remain visible on third party websites such as Wayback Machine and UK Web Archive.

If UK VoIP Forums allowed members to edit their posts on a permanent basis, then this would create three major problems for us and for you, the member.
  • Spam
  • Topics
  • Accounts
SPAM - You won’t find any spam posts, links, or images here on UK VoIP Forums. This is because we have features in place to prevent it! Allowing members to edit old posts would result in spammers submitting a genuine post today only to edit those posts further down the line and replace the old content with updated malicious links and spam content.

Topics – If a disgruntled member doesn’t like being told off for breaking the rules, they will edit their posts and delete its content. As a result, topics that extend over multiple pages with post contributions from multiple members will no longer be relevant or make any sense.

Accounts - Members could also use the editing feature to engage a member in a hostile or aggressive way only to later edit their posts making it difficult for Admins or Moderators to deal with violations and any reported post notifications as a result. It also risks other members who responded to such posts now looking like the aggressor and they risk the Admins and Moderators issuing them with an incorrect warning or ban as a result.

Let me reassure you that this website is fully GDPR compliant and members are free to delete their accounts at anytime by clicking on the "Privacy" and "Delete account" tabs located in the user control panel.
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