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By jelockwood
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I am aware that for people using a full blown VoIP phone system the usual approach is to use a SIP trunk to the VoIP phone system.

However in my case this is for use with an existing home PABX and an ATA. As far as I can see Sipgate offers the ability to have multiple (presumably simultaneous) connections even without a SIP trunk although this does seem to be an extra cost.

In terms of actual use I have no real need for multiple simultaneous lines but as I have a Grandstream HT802 which has two connections and my PABX supports multiple lines I am interested in at least understanding how this could be done and which VoIP provider might be best for this.

Are there any free VoIP providers which would allow multiple simultaneous connections using a single account and single phone number? If not free would Sipgate be the best paid option?
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By jelockwood
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…answering my own query.

After further research it looks like the best options are as follows.

1. For a single channel totally free option the Sipgate Basic account is the only option.
2. For a multi-channel option which can be used at no extra cost - if desired as a SIP Trunk then Andrews & Arnold is the best option. The have compared to other providers an extremely cheap one off setup cost to buy a VoIP number which as mentioned at no extra cost supports SIP Trunk use and multi-channel use. (It seems all other providers charge an additional fee per channel.) They also have a very cheap monthly 'rental' fee.

As I do not intend to make many outgoing calls A&A therefore looks by far the cheapest option although as a VoIP newbie I will first setup and test their free Sipgate Basic service and use this to test wiring up to my existing PABX as an additional line and this will also let me get CLI etc. working properly as well.

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