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Hi all!

We have Cisco 7941 phones that we are battleing with at the moment. FW that we are using is SIP 9.4.2-SR3
Our VOIP telephony provider would need us to register by domain name not by ip address otherwise they would not know into which account to register to.

Let me explain it a little bit better (I will use made up example IPs and domain names)

Our SEPMAC001122334455.cnf.xml contains (just the ones that matter for explainig this):

Registration packet says:
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=......
From: <sip:myuser@>;tag=.......
To: <sip:....>
Rest of the packet doesn't matter as the problem is already in the first line. The phone is stuck on "Registering" and then goes to "Restarting" after a while.
When the phone starts up and pulls the config from TFTP it then takes the "myfqdn" domain name and resolves to "" IP address. Then the phone uses that IP address everywhere instead of using the domain name. What we would like to see is <myuser> at <myfqdn>

If we have <registerWithProxy>false</registerWithProxy> in the config file than the phone will not stuck on "Registering" and we can try to make a call (it will fail though). At this time it sends an INVITE packet.
This INVITE packet would have the realm= in the digest but the realm is also the IP address and not the domain name.

Doesn anyone know what XML property should we use to force the phone to stick with the domain name instead of replacing with IP address?

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