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How can you help?
UK VoIP Forums is run entirely by volunteers who give their time freely, and no member of the management team receives any payment. We do, however, need to pay for our ever-increasing bandwidth costs, hosting fees, domain name registration fees, software licensing fees and hope to cover these by accepting donations. If you would like to help keep UK VoIP Forums running, please make a donation here. This is entirely optional, of course: many members contribute enormously through their forum posts by sharing information, maintaining the supportive friendly ethos, and welcoming new members, and we do not underestimate the value of this.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Donations are given freely and no extra abilities or privileges will be given to donating members over non-donating members.
  2. All monies received will be used entirely for the purposes of hosting UK VoIP Forums and associated costs such as domain name registration, and forum management will not take any part of the money as income.
  3. If monies received are greater than needed to host the forum, these monies will be "ring fenced" and held as restricted funds to be used if in the future donation levels fall to below the level needed to cover forum hosting.
  4. If funds should outstrip costs to a considerable degree, forum admin will consider suspending the donation system for a period of time.
  5. Donations do not guarantee the continuation of the forum. If the forum should have to fold, as a result of insufficient donations or other reasons, forum management shall, as far as possible, attempt to refund any outstanding funds. If this is not possible, the money will be donated to a registered charitable cause to be chosen by the forum management.
  6. Each donation incurs a charge of 3.4% plus 20p, to be paid by the forum. For this reason, we prefer fewer larger donations to several smaller ones. We are nevertheless grateful for whatever you give.
  7. By donating, donors are confirming that they agree with the Terms and Conditions as laid out in 1-6 above.
We're accepting donations online via Paypal and Bitcoin. You can either use an existing Paypal account if you have one, or pay using a credit or debit card. Just click on the button below to be whisked to the UK VoIP Forums donation page.

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