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By UncleSteve
Please be nice, I may be way off on my ideas.

I have a 4G Mobile Wi-Fi modem (Huawei E5372 - I'm waiting for the arrival of suitable leads before I can test).
I also have a TP-Link 3G/3.74G Wireless N Router (TL-MR3420)
And... a simple corded SNOM VoIP desk phone (there are no USB sockets, only two LAN sockets [PC & NET]).

My thinking was to link the Huawei and the TP-Link router with a USB lead, then plug the phone in to the TP-Link router, so the question is, will this arrangement work, if so, are there any things I should watch out for please?

Or... is there a simpler way to connect the phone direct with the Huawei?

I do appreciate I could divert the VoIP calls to a mobile, however I would like sound advise on the above please?

Thank you in advance for any help given.


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By WelshPaul
Some Snom telephones support WiFi when used with an optional WiFI adaptor. What is the model number of the Snom telephone you have?

EDIT: Never mind, I missed the bit where you clearly stated that the Snom telephone doesn't have any USB ports! :x
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By WelshPaul
Nothing wrong with the Snom 200! ;-)

And in theory yes, you simply connect the Huawei E5372 to the USB port on the TL-MR3420 using a mini USB to USB cable and in turn connect the Snom 200 to a spare ethernet port on the TL-MR3420. There is no guarantee that the Huawei E5372 will work along side the TL-MR3420 though, it's possible that the Huawei E5372 acts as a storage device by default when connected to a third party device via it's mini USB port. I did a search and found this, so it looks like it's possible! I guess it's a case of try it and see.

FYI, I have been using VoIP over 3G and 4G connections for years without issue for the most part. It can be troublesome when used on the go because signal strength and network congestion can vary from place to place. Other factors like limited monthly bandwidth caps can be a problem so setting the codec on your Snom 200 to use GSM will reduce the amount of bandwidth the Snom will use significantly.


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