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By lusk
HI all,

I am looking to change one of my phone lines from BT to a Voip provider.

I already have an account with Draytel and when I log in, I have the option of changing the route type to either "to SIP PBX" or to SIP ID. Which one do I need, please?

I have a phone plugged into the Grandstream HT802 unit but there is no dial tone. I have spoken to Draytel and they tell me that my configuration is not set properly because I am not registering on their servers. However, when I click onto the front page of Grandstream, it tells me that I am registered.

Grandstream seems excessively complicated to set up and any assistance here would be appreciated.


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By @UKVoIPForums
@lusk @CJT-80 is correct, you should be using SIP ID.

I just successfully registered a Grandstream and Snom IP phone using just my SIP ID, password and draytel.org as the proxy server. OK, I have no credit to test outbound calls but the devices show that they are indeed registered.

There was this disclaimer contained within my sign up email:
Please note that your SIP ID will not work until you have activated your account.
Have you activated your account?
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