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By demusprime
Hello, I'm a newbie here just seeking a little help. I got the firmware installed successfully on my Cisco 7970 phone, but I don't see how to enter the sip settings. I'm looking around, I went to settings > Device Config > Sip Config > Line Settings but i cannot edit anything in this area. I am not sure if this is where I'm even support to be. Can someone tell me how do I add sip lines to my newly flashed firmware.


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You cannot configure these phones via the telephone itself or any web based GUI. You need to edit the XML files that were included with the firmware files and add your SIP credentials to them.

Open SEP[MAC].cnf.xml and make the following changes:
  • Replace [USERID] with your SIP User ID.
  • Replace [PASSWORD] with your SIP password.
  • Replace [IPADDRESS] with your SIP server domain name or IP address.
Once done, save the file and replace the [MAC] part of the file name with the MAC address of your 7970.

Reboot the phone and it should pull the files from the TFTP server and the phone will register if configured correctly.
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By demusprime
Hey @WelshPaul , thank you very much for your reply. I followed your instructions replacing / adding USERID, IPADDRESS & PASSWORD and it still not registering. I do see the User ID in the top right corner of the screen but it just says registering, then restarts shortly afterwards.

Looking at the TFTP Server log i do see it trying to pull three files which were not present in the zip file, these files are
ITLFile.tlv, ITLSEP[MAC].tlv & CTLSEP[MAC].tlv as a result I get a transmission failed. Could not find file. Are these files important? Do i get them from somewhere else? Those are the only three failed files i see.
Hi @demusprime ,

Looks like your phone may still be running on SCCP firmware. Can you check via the phone menu what firmware version is currently installed?

Also, go to Settings > Security > Trust List > ITL File. At this stage, chances are that the phone configuration is locked. Press the key sequence **# to unlock and select the Erase softkey.
Ok you're running the SIP firmware.

Are you registering to a remote server or local one? On the phone, go to Settings > Status > Status Messages. What error messages are there?

Have a read of this thread: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1092&p=4698&hilit=7971#p4698
Have you at any point after flashing with the SIP firmware performed a factory reset? If not, perform one.
Just leave all the files in the TFTP directory and let it pull whatever it wants. After performing a factory reset, it should only pull the XML files as a factory reset doesn't wipe the firmware and restore the SCCP firmware. Oh and don't worry about the trust list errors, you have none so their normal.

You still haven't clarified if your trying to register the phone on a local PBX or remote sip server/provider?


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