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By Richardmclarke

Hi, my company is looking to replace their phone system with a VoIP PBX but we are getting totally lost with where to start as there are so many options out there and any help would be hugely appreciated ...

We are an IT company and we offer support.
We need 2 numbers a UK and a Spanish number.
When someone rings those numbers it should ring one user (our front desk) on a mobile phone and if not answered within a time (the receptionist is having lunch etc) it should ring on 3 other computers / mobile apps.
Once we pick up the call we should then be able to transfer that call to any of the users.
We need an answerphone for outside office hours.

Those are the only must have features.

Ideally we'd also be able to make cheap international calls too so we can replace Skype.

We don't really use the phone much but need it so a low monthly rate or pay as you go system would be best.

Can anyone recommend a system that would do this? Any help would be hugely appreciated!




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By VoipIT

I recommend Voipfone! They offer a pay go service which is totally contract free. :thumbsup:

Voipfone offer UK (£2 +VAT per month) and Spanish numbers (£3 +VAT per month). Additionally, extensions are charged at £1 (+VAT) per month and by the sounds of things, you will need four. You will also need to install the Voipfone softphone on the mobile phone that the front desk is using and register it to extension 200 in order to prevent any additional call divert charges. I guess you would also need to set a divert to one of the other extensions or buy a call group (£1 +VAT per month) and divert to all of them if nobody answers on the mobile phone.

You can trial there service for free for 30 days too: viewforum.php?f=49

Prices: https://www.voipfone.co.uk/prices_new.php

Total cost after trial, £9.00 (+VAT) per month (plus call charges - add another £1 if you require a call group).

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By WelshPaul
kristiallen939 wrote:Buy your UK Virtual phone number from CallHippo
At $6 (Roughly £4.74) a month, no thank you. That's very expensive considering the average cost for a UK phone number is around the £2 per month mark. You also charge to by the minute ($0.022) when receiving incoming calls? :scream:
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