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By BarryW
I am trying to configure a Grandstream GXP1625 with UK settings at my local club. I have the manual but some setting are really not clear to a voip newbie. Currently I am having difficulty in understanding the Ring Tones settings. I found it quite straight forward to set these up on a Grandstream HT802 at home but the GXP1625 seems to require different syntax?

Anyone know of a UK configuration sheet?


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By WelshPaul
Been a while since I used a Grandstream phone and so I just did a bit of research and I can confirm that the Grandstream uses the following syntax:

Syntax: f1=val,f2=val[,c=on1/off1[-on2/off2[-on3/off3]]];
(Frequencies are in Hz and cadence on and off are in 10ms)

ON is the period of ringing (“On time” in ‘ms’) while OFF is the period of silence. To set a continuous ring, OFF should be zero. Otherwise it will ring ON ms and a pause of OFF ms and then repeat the pattern. Up to three cadences are supported.

http://www.grandstream.com/sites/defaul ... _guide.pdf

Also see: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=1061#p4506
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By BarryW
Hi Paul,

Many thanks for the information. I now have got my head around the cadence configuration, the clue was in your previous reply. My Grandstream ATA requires 1mS entries but the GXP1625 is looking for 10mS entries. Still have to try this but I suspect it will be OK.

Thanks again.

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