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By sniffermel
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Just got myself a couple of Gigaset voIP phones for home use, as I now have Sky Talk on a superfast connection. Problem is, when I try to set up a connection from the list provided by my base unit Sky doesn't appear, does any one know if Sky provide a SIP connection and if they do, what do I use as regards user ID and connection protocols etc.?
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By WelshPaul
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Sky don't let you use your own equipment unfortunately and so you can't use your Gigaset VoIP phones with your Sky VoIP service. To be fair, its likely this will be the same for all the major telecommunication companies such as BT, Sky, Virgin Media etc.
Sky wrote:Your phone works through the internet and plugs directly into your hub instead of a traditional phone socket.

Nothing stopping you using your Gigaset VoIP phones with another ITSP though. Sipgate Basic is free (you only pay for outbound calls).
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By WelshPaul
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No contracts, no credit checks, pay as you go (top up your calling credit with paypal or a credit/debit card), local landline number (free), Voicemail, 999 access, call divert, caller display, BOYD supported and they allow you to set the outgoing caller ID to use your main landline number. I have used them for years and have had no issues with their service. Just make sure that you prioritise voice traffic on your network! 👍
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By CJT-80
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sniffermel wrote: Fri 6th Nov 2020, 19:35 Thanks for the info guys, a bit annoying but I will give sipgate basic a try.
Same with BT Digial Voice (basically their own VoIP service) you have to use their Digital Phones or a phone connected via their Hub. Out of interest are you on Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) ?
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By Miguel YaY
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Hello sniffermel,

I think that is a shame that big companies restrict their system to the devices that they sell. It's not fair for the small consumer. You should be able to choose what devices you want to use, and not select one from a list provided by them.

If you want to give Yay.com a try, we don't restrict our service to any handsets or brands so you will be fine! Because your Gigaset VoIP phones work with SIP registration they will work just fine with us. :sunglasses:

We offer a 14-day trial if you ever want to test out our interface and all of its features, https://www.yay.com/voip/try-free/ No credit card required and we even give you a FREE phone number to test out our quality.



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