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SIP trunks are totally imaginary products dreamt up by the telecommunication industry as a way of charging you and providing nothing - they are simply the way you connect your telephones to a VoIP provider using your broadband connection so that you can make calls.

Because you have already paid for this connection with your broadband fee there is no reason at all why you should pay again for it.

With Voipfone, Sip Trunks Are Free & Truly Unlimited
The reason others charge for this 'service' is because in the old days, the number of simultaneous calls that you could make depended on the number of physical telephone lines you had - and telephone lines are expensive. If you needed multiple lines you had to buy expensive line rental product like ISDN 2 and ISDN 30.

Now almost all other VoIP companies will try to emulate that pricing structure, even though there is no longer any need for multiple physical copper lines into your premises.

These days, if you need more calls you just buy more bandwidth. It is wrong to charge for a non-existent service just because it was always done that way.

With Voipfone the number of simultaneous calls (ie old fashioned 'lines') you can send us is limited only by your bandwidth to us. Send us as many as you like - the more the better.

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Voipfone understand that it's a big step trusting them with your telephone service. But there's no risk - Voipfone are a no contract service; their customers stay with them not because they have to, but because they're very good at they do.

Because their services are totally flexible and grow with you, you can add advanced features like multiple telephone numbers, PBX extensions, Call Groups, IVR departments and so on, as and when you like simply by logging in to your account.

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Voipfone are offering you the chance to trial their VoIP service for free for 30 days. No risk and no commitment - Sign Up Now!
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