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By stringman
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Hi All
Total beginner on this .
I am wanting to go to a voip system when I change over to pure fibre. We very rarely make any calls at all ( and if they are they are to France) but My wife wants to keep our existing phone number.
What is the cheapest company that allows porting?
As a rule is porting a one off charge or is there a monthly fee as well.

Many thanks in advance
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By WelshPaul
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Sorry for the late reply @stringman but I missed your post as it was posted in the wrong section (I moved it for you)...

Anyway, I wouldn't focus on the porting price but rather any ongoing monthly cost and the call charges!
Porting a number over to another VoIP provider usually costs somewhere between £20 - £30 GBP.

If you are a low outgoing call user, I recommend that you go with Sipgate Basic. There is no monthly fee, just the initial £30 GBP porting fee and you pay for any calls that you make.

https://basichelp.sipgate.co.uk/hc/en-g ... gate-basic

Call rates:
https://static.sipgate.com/sipgatebasic ... ariffs.pdf

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