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For the most part, the Cisco SPA122 VoIP ATA, with built-in NAT-Router, is very much the same as the SPA112 ATA (but, without the NAT-Router). They even share the same firmware (router features turned on, or off). So, it's not surprising that all their common features function exactly the same - including logging in.
Cisco SPA122
Cisco SPA122
SPA122.jpg (14.97 KiB) Viewed 12897 times
I've already written an article on "How to login as Administrator on a Cisco SPA112". And, if you read that article, you will have most of the information that you need to know about logging into the SPA122. However, there are a couple of differences worth pointing out. Thus, I will only highlight the details and connections that distinguishes the login similarities and differences between the SPA112 and SPA122 ATA's.

In both cases, the default Admin User name is: admin. And, the default Password is: admin.

  • You need to know the IP address assigned to the ATA by your LAN router.
  • You can use the ATA's built-in IVR system to discover its IP address.
    (Press * * * * on your connected analog telephone keypad, followed by: 110#)
  • The "blue" Ethernet port marked "Internet" will connect to one of your router LAN switch ports.
  • Your PC will connect via another LAN port on your router/switch (must be on same sub-net).
SPA112 Connection Illistration
SPA112 Connection Illistration
SPA112_Connection_Illustration.jpg (31.41 KiB) Viewed 12897 times
  • By default, SPA122 is in NAT-Router Mode.
  • Thus, you access it via its default router gateway IP address:, from the yellow LAN side Ethernet port, using your PC and its web browser.
  • The "blue" Ethernet port marked Internet will "typically" connect "directly" to the Ethernet port of your ISP connected Internet service MODEM (Cable or DSL/ADSL). (This is assuming your MODEM is not a Modem/Router combo - in which case you should probably be using the SPA112, or put the SPA122 in bridge mode.)
  • However, if you configured the SPA122 for Bridge Mode, you will use it exactly the same as the SPA112, and thus, the login procedure will be exactly the same with the SPA112.
  • Also, while in Bridge Mode, the "blue" Ethernet port marked "Internet" will connect to one of your router LAN switch ports (just the same way you would connect the SPA112 to your router). And, the yellow Ethernet port becomes an extra switch port by which to connect another LAN device, such as another PC, etc.
SPA122 Connection Illistration
SPA122 Connection Illistration
SPA122_Connection_Illustration.jpg (36.26 KiB) Viewed 12897 times
So, in summary, you log into the SPA122 just the same as you would the SPA112. The only variable will be which port you connect your PC to and what IP address you enter into your PC web browser.

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